“The Importance of Being Earnest - ShawChicago is a gem in Chicago theater — a place where the works of George Bernard Shaw are thoughtfully directed and performed in a concert reading with zest and respect for what Shaw intended. This is not easy to do but Scogin’s actors make it happen while honoring Shaw’s words and spirit. As it turns out, ShawCHicago shines the same talents on the works of Oscar Wilde. This play is a favorite of the spousal unit so we were delighted by the wonderful acting but special kudos to Mary Michell for a perfect Lady Bracknell and to Gary Alexander for the ideal Algernon.” - Mara Tapp, A Dramatic Dozen, A Baker’s Dozen That Is!

“Bearing in mind that all ShawChicago productions are staged readings, not full productions, this was a perfect rendition of one of the world’s best plays. The great ensemble cast’s acting was superb, making a play far removed in time and place feel current, relevant, and, most importantly, really funny!”-Roberta J Morris on Goldstar

5 STARS —ShawChicago regularly showcases a quality of the literary greats that often goes underappreciated: their musicality. Void of any stage business, this staged reading of Oscar Wilde’s best-known work highlights his airy, quip-a-minute rhythm along with his famously acerbic social commentary and wit. On opening night it was no surprise to see director Robert Scogin in the house, leaning in and hanging on every exchange—there’s an unabashed celebration of the writer here, and Wilde’s yarn about lies, manners, and Victorian shade-throwing benefits from the attention to detail. If this show can be faulted for anything, it’s robbing viewers of the chance to see Mary Michell milk her hilarious Lady Bracknell in a fully staged production. —Dan Jakes, Chicago Reader.


THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST: Perfect Articulateness -“Shaw Chicago’s The Importance of Being Earnest is almost three hours of perfect articulateness and delight…And the play is about nothing more weighty than the complications of having, or lacking, the name “Earnest.”…The Shaw Chicago production gives the old comedic war horse a freshness through both the imaginative casting by director Robert Scogin and Mr. Scogin’s precise choreography of the uniformly talented cast’s verbal pyrotechnics.” –Paul Kuritz Theater and Film

5 stars “I absolutely loved this play! It has always been one of my fav Oscar Wilde plays – love that clever humor! But this was a truly wonderful rendition done with the actors all facing the audience, sans props. To see these superb actors expressions throughout the performance made it extra special. Every single one of them perfect, right down to those lovely English accents.”–Susan’s Event Journal on Goldstar