Last weekend I had a dear friend of mine come into town to stay with me. She now lives in Washington DC, but way-back-when we went through the same Actor Training Program together at the University of Utah.  A few hours into us catching up, after baby pictures had been shown and a few glasses of wine were poured, she flat out asked me “ok, you seem to have been working quite a bit for this Shaw company…and they do ‘concert readings’….isn’t that….well… boring?” 

If you have been around ShawChicago for any length of time, you will know that this is a pretty common question. Folks hear “George Bernard Shaw” in the same sentence with “concert reading” and tend to come up with this question pretty quickly.  I have heard, and given voice myself to many a passionate response to this same question.

However as I had been spending the last few months cultivating the production archive for ShawChicago’s new website, this time I had a completely silent response. I pulled up these photos and asked her if she would be bored:

Even in still photographs taken of the productions, you can tell the breadth of emotion and vibrancy of the performances. You barely even see the music stands because there is so much LIFE happening on stage!

 Can I just say that might have been the easiest argument I have ever won?

by Jhenai Mootz, Actor