Kate Young RETURNS!!!

Kate Young RETURNS!!!


We at ShawChicago are SUPER PUMPED to bring you an all star cast for Bernard Shaw’s fine feminist farce, Misalliance! Directed by Barbara Zahora, travel with us and this Chicago all-star cast to 1909 when a woman broke through the glass ceiling! Please give a warm welcome back to Kate Young!!!!

Kate Young (Mrs. Pearce)

KATE YOUNG (Mrs. Tarleton) returns to ShawChicago where she was last seen as The Widow in Geneva, and before that in Pygmalion, James Barrie’s Quartets, Dear Liar, Noel Coward in Two Keys, and Major Barbara among other favorites. Last season she was featured in Florida Repertory’s Unexpected Guest in Fort Myers and Mad Cow’s Painting Churches in Orlando.  In previous seasons, she has appeared with Chicago Shakespeare, Milwaukee Shakespeare, Royal George, Drury Lane Oakbrook, Light Opera Works, Miami Theatre Center, Gulfshore Playhouse, Human Race, Pittsburgh Public, Pittsburgh Irish and Classical, and the Great Lakes Theatre Festival.  She has been recognized with Jefferson nominations and DayTony Awards as well as with Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Tribune Review citations.  A native San Franciscan now living in Chicago, Kate trained in London at LAMDA, Brown University, the University of Pittsburgh, and New England Conservatory. (www.kateyoung.biz)


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مكتوبة من القلب Written from the Heart: Noting Some Great Writers For Ramadan

مكتوبة من القلب Written from the Heart: Noting Some Great Writers For Ramadan

مكتوبة من القلب
Written from the Heart:
Noting Some Great Writers For Ramadan

Ramadan Mubarak everyone! We’re a little over halfway through, so we’d like to recommend a handful of great Arab American writers who brightened the lives of everyone around them. Shaw himself was a great supporter of the Islamic community, and spoke widely in support of Islamic philosophies of love and compassion.


Side note: you don’t have to be Muslim to appreciate or celebrate Ramadan! So have a read, and during Iftar nourish your body and your mind!

Ameen Rihani

Born in Lebanon (1876 – 1940), Rihani migrated to New York at age 12. By 1895, he had joined a stock touring company, but returned to his family in 1897, where he studied at the New york Law School. During his time and a brief return to Lebanon, Rihani studied Arab poetry. By 1899, he was translating several works into English, in particular those of Abul-Ala. He also wrote frequently on the Arabic weekly publisher, Al-Huda. His first full novels were publish in 1902 an 1903.

Rihani is also know for his political writings. His work Al-Rihaniyat, advocated for Lebanese independence for Turkey and received wide praise across the Arab World.


Born a Catholic, Gibran was born in Lebanon and did not receive any formal education until the family moved to Boston. There he would study art, as well in Paris. His writing, which became part of Mahjar (Arab Diaspora) art, became widely popular with the publishing of The Prophet, a collection of poetic essays. Gibran was also famed for writing in both Arabic and English. He also wrote a few plays, including the posthumous Lazarus and His Beloved.

Gibran’s works are the third highest selling in the world. He was also a member of الرابطة القلمية , or al-Mahjar, or the Pen League, the first Arab American literary society, and the New York Pen League.

In many literary circles, he stood as an activist and social rebel, writing for nationalism and independence from the Ottoman Empire. One play, which was never published, pens his advocacy for Syrian independence during World War I.


Born to a Palestinian refugee father and a German-Swiss American mother in St. Louis, MO (1952 – ), Nye writes often about the every day life. “For me the primary source of poetry has always been local life, random characters met on the streets, our own ancestry sifting down to us through small essential daily tasks.” (PBS).

Notable works include Fuel (1998), Yellow Glove (1986) and Hugging the Jukebox (1982), the last of which one the Voertman Poetry Prize. Her work also appeared in the international anthology This Same Sky (1992).

Meet Our Gala Photographer!

Meet Our Gala Photographer!

Jason loves photography, Star Wars, acting, and cheese. He is a former Jungle Cruise Skipper at Disneyland, a winner of numerous prestigious awards, among them “Most Likely To Be An Actor” in high school, and a winner of a $500 cash prize at a karaoke contest hosted by Danny Bonaduce (I can’t make this stuff up). Visit JasonMichaelHammond.weebly.com for more ridiculousness.


Written In Her Hand: The Leading Ladies of Shavian Times

Written In Her Hand: The Leading Ladies of Shavian Times

Hey everyone!

So, if you’ve been following us on Facebook, you’ll know that during March aka Women’s History Month we posted accomplished female writers who were contemporaries of G. Bernard Shaw. And no, they are not in binders! So, hopefully you’ll see their works soon on our Chicago stage!

Lillian Hellman

Original photo source: Clive James

Lillian Hellman (1905 – 1984), a Shaw contemporary was known, perhaps ridiculed, for defying any limitations on her gender. Swearing, smoking, drinking, and practicing what we would call, shall we say, promiscuity, Hellman’s words and ideas defied society, challenged the government, and questioned morality.

Plays include Watch on the Rhine, The Autumn Garden, Toys in the Attic, Another Part of the Forest, The Children’s Hour and The Little Foxes, which were all successful on #Broadway. The Children’s Hour (1934) was her premier piece, featuring two female teachers at a private school accused of having romantic relations. Written in a time when same-sex relations were taboo and openly condemned, the play was met with huge success, running for more than 700 performances. Her plays Watch the Rhine (1941) and The Searching Wind (1944) openly criticized the U.S. government’s indifference to the horrific actions of Hitler and Mussolini. By the 1950’s, she was blacklisted. Even the FBI kept her under surveillance due to her previous yet brief ties with the Communist Party.

Hellman received several honors for her work, including two awards from the New York Drama Critics Circle, an Academy of Arts and Letters Gold Medal, and a National Book Award for An Unfinished Woman (1969), the first of three memoirs.

Hellman passed away in Martha’s Vineyard at age 79.


Original photo source: PBS

Did you know that Maya Angelou was also a great playwright as well as a poet? A Shaw contemporary (1928 – 2014), Angelou was responsible for Cabaret for Freedom musical revue with Godfrey Cambridge, The Least of These, The Best of These, Gettin’ up Stayed on My Mind, her own adaptation of Sophocles’ Ajax, and wrote and directed And Still I Rise.


Maxine Hong Kingston

Original photo source: The Bloomsbury Review

Born in Stockton, California, Maxine Hong Kingston (1940 –       ) earned her BA in English at University of California, Berkeley. She is noted for her memoir, The Woman Warrior, which decries the oppression of women, and China Men, which in 1981 won the National Book Award for Nonfiction.

Not only a pioneer of feminist literature, Hong Kingston is also known as a social justice warrior. On International Women’s Day in 2003, she was arrested at an anti-war protest in Washington D.C. She shared a cell with other great writers Alice Walker and Terry Tempest Williams.


Elena Garro

Original photo source: Confabulario

Elena Garro (1916-1998) is best noted for her work Los recuerdos del porvenir (Recollections of Things to Come). She was also best respected as an iconic writer in Mexican literature, an honor usually restricted to men. Famous author and essayist Carlos Fuentes called her debut novel “one of the most important Mexican novels of the 20th century.” 40 of her works were translated into English.

Garro was also an influential writer on the Spanish Civil War. After moving to several countries around the world, including Japan and France, she returned Mexico in the 60s, but was exiled for her critical remarks of the tempestuous political climate, calling the student movement “crazy adventure.” She moved to New York, later to Paris, and eventually returned to Mexico in 1991.

Written by Rohan Zhou-Lee.





2016/17 Season Open Auditions

 Equity Gold Coast theater offers contracts to Equity and Non-Equity actors.

CHICAGO—ShawChicago offers open auditions to Equity and Non-Equity actors in the Chicago area on April 18th from 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM. All auditions will held be at the Ruth Page Center for the Arts, 1016 N. Dearborn Street, Chicago, IL 60610. Calls for reservations can be made starting Wednesday April 6 at 10:00 AM. Actors should prepare two 2-minute monologues from any Shaw play and bring 3 headshots and resumes.All positions are paid.

The 2016/17 season, Dysfunctional Family Fun, will include George Bernard Shaw’s Misalliance, Heartbreak House, and Margaret Raether’s adaptation of P.G. Woodhouse’s Jeeves Intervenes.

In Misalliance (Sept. 17 – Oct. 10), Hypatia Tarleton is engaged to Bentley Summerhays, whom she does not like; all things change, and jealousy runs amok when, during a summer garden party, the lovely acrobat Lina crashes her plane, and all the men, including Bentley, fall in love with her.

Jeeves Intervenes (November 26 – December 19) follows the infamous pair Bertie Wooster and Eustace Bassington-Bassington as they evade arranged marriage and banishment in India, but Bertie’s faithful manservant, Jeeves, must save them from total disaster.

In Shaw’s Heartbreak House (March 4 – 27) Ellie Dunn, under her father’s influence, is set to marry Boss Mangan; but she is really in love with a mystery man, who turns out to be her hostess’s husband.

WHO: ShawChicago Theater Company

WHAT: ShawChicago’s 23rd Season Open Call Auditions

WHERE: 1016 N. Dearborn St., Chicago, IL 60610.

WHEN: Equity Auditions: April 18 2016, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Non-Equity Auditions:
April 18 2016, 4:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Call for reservations at 312-587-7390 starting on April 6 at 10:00 AM.


About ShawChicago

ShawChicago is a professional non-profit theater company founded in 1994 with a mission to present the plays of George Bernard Shaw and his contemporaries as concert readings. Operating under Actors’ Equity, ShawChicago is about to celebrate its 23rd season, Dysfunctional Family Fun. The company presents special afternoon performances for senior citizens and morning performances for students throughout the Chicagoland area. ShawChicago also offers outreach performances across the city and its suburbs, providing theater to libraries, senior living communities and schools. ShawChicago is a theater company in residence at the Ruth Page Center for the Arts.

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Ok, this is the worst attempt at an April Fools joke, but seriously we are going to Niagara-On-The-Lake. Join us as we travel to the 2016 Shaw Festival! 6 plays in 4 days this Labor Day Weekend. Check visit our Travel With Us page for more details!

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