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Let ShawChicago bring the unforgettable work of George Bernard Shaw to your special event!

We guarantee laughter, food for thought, and lively discussion!


ShawChicago Theatre Company performs concert readings of George Bernard Shaw plays. Our concert reading style makes us a perfect fit for libraries, retirement communities, schools, private clubs, as well as any event where entertainment is needed..

For educators, ShawChicago offers students a chance to work with Chicago’s top actors in a program that may include workshops, text studies, and performance. Let us help you integrate the play with  your curriculum. We’ll engage your students intellectually while entertaining them and introducing them to the magic of theater.

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Most performances are abbreviated versions of the original play and last between 45 and 75 minutes. We are always happy to offer a talk back session after the performance. If you have a favorite play or author, please let us know as we can accommodate requests. All of Shaw’s plays, as well as those of his contemporaries, can be considered for possible outreach performances.


Love Scenes

Some of Shaw’s most entertaining love scenes from plays such as:

Androcles and the Lion, Man and Superman, John Bull’s Other Island, Village Wooing, and You Never Can Tell. The thrill, heartbreak and general confoundedness of love are brought to life. This program is ideal for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, as a special addition to a wedding or anniversary party, and other celebrations.

Address Unknown

This addition to ShawChicago’s repertoire consists of a series
 of letters between friends and business partners from Nazi Germany to California from 1932 to 1934. The letters depict life during Hitler’s rise to power in Germany. A heart-breaking and empowering story from two perspectives, as can only be shared between best friends.

Look Away

A compelling story set in The Bellevue Hospital for Insane Persons, Batavia, Illinois during the last night of Mary Todd Lincoln’s stay there on June 14, 1875.  Mrs. Lincoln imagines herself back in the White House with her dressmaker, Elizabeth Keckley, a former slave and the woman she described as “my best friend.”

Village Wooing

A love affair that begins on the high seas aboard the pleasure ship Empress of Patagonia, reaches its climax in a village shop on the Wiltshire Downs. A laugh-out-loud comedy.

Saint Joan

In Shaw’s great play depicting the life and trials of Saint Joan, we see Joan progress from the simple country girl obeying her saints’ voices, to the warrior and political strategist who transforms the contentious feudal states of medieval France into a united nation. Shaw creates the persuasive conversations between the heroine and the men who enable her dream of a unified France.


Santa Claus’s Partner

A joyous and thoughtful program for the Holidays that contains three stories from the late 19th Century: Santa Claus’s Partner, Nibsey’s Christmas, and Christmas Everyday. Santa Claus’s Partner centers on a modern day Scrooge who, with the help of his assistant’s daughter turns his miserly attitude around. Nibsey’s Christmas describes the tale of a poor newsboy and his wish to have his own Christmas celebration. Last in the group is Christmas Everyday. Just as the title states, a little girl rejects her usual bed time story and requests a story from her parent about a girl who wants it to be Christmas every day of the year. Her wish is granted, with comic but disastrous results.


Shakespeare’s People

(4 actors) This program was designed with the student audience in mind. Hamlet, King Henry V, The Taming of the Shrew, Romeo and Juliet, and Macbeth are all represented with their most memorable speeches. This program is designed to reinforce the typical reading curriculum of junior high or high school students, or can just as easily be enjoyed by adults at a special event.

The Dark Lady of the Sonnets

(4 actors) 
Shaw wrote this short play to explain why England should have a national theater. In this performance Shaw connects Shakespeare with his Dark Lady of the Sonnets. Other characters come into the scene, and in the course of conversation Shakespeare discovers his most famous lines and quips.

Shaw’s Women: Smart, Strong, and Rebellious

(4 actors)
 Brilliant and fascinating female characters of all ages and professions from a variety of Shaw’s plays are part of this performance. In the scenes selected, Shaw’s women use their wit and honesty to dismantle society’s conventional views on love, money, war and motherhood.

Don Juan in Hell

(4 actors)
 A meeting between two formidable characters: Don Juan and The Devil. They discuss their experiences in society and ask where the afterlife is most preferable: in heaven or in hell? We quickly find the answer isn’t as clear-cut as it would seem.


(5 actors)
 Shaw’s timeless tale of the transformation of Eliza Doolittle from a poor flower girl, to an accomplished woman capable of besting her teacher, Professor Henry Higgins. This story never fails to touch and delight audiences.

You Never Can Tell

(8 actors)
 Tension, drama, comedy, and family hilarity ensue when a divorced woman takes her children on Holiday and runs into her ex-husband after 18 years apart.


Have ShawChicago’s Outreach Coordinator come to your venue to talk about George Bernard Shaw and his life. The lecture will include readings from various Shaw letters and writings. Approximately
 hour, $100.


Q: Where do you perform?

A: ShawChicago performs in a concert reading format.  We will bring the music stands should you not have any at your location.  As long as we have an open space where we can stand in front of your audience, our actors will perform wonderfully.

Q: How long is the performance?

A: Performances will range from 45 to 75 minutes long, depending upon the program you choose and whether not there is a talk back session afterwards.

Q: What ages are appropriate for your show?

A:The majority of our programs are enjoyable for ages 13 on up. For an audience under the age of 13, our Holiday program (Santa Claus’s Partner) is appropriate.

Q: Will you work with our audio in order to ensure our audience can hear your actors loud and clear?

A: Certainly! We use our early arrival time to ensure that the actors are easily heard through out your event space. ShawChicago does not provide microphones or audio equipment, but are always willing to work with yours. More often than not our actors have no need for amplification as they are trained to project and be heard. Q: When will you arrive for the event? A: The actors the Outreach Coordinator will arrive no later than one half hour prior to performance start time. Q: What form of payment does ShawChicago accept? A: Normally we are paid by check, but if you have to use an alternate method please let us know.  Our office can easily accept credit card payments. If writing a check, please make sure your form of payment is made out to ShawChicago Theater Company. Payment is due on the day of performance and the check can be given to the outreach coordinator directly.

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For current rates and date availability please contact the Outreach Coordinator, Arielle Augustyn:



ShawChicago Outreach Coordinator, Arielle Augustyn

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