Saturday Night Live and Broadway actor Tim Kazurinsky (recently in the national tour of Wicked as the Wonderful Wizard of Oz) and Broadway actor Marcia Kazurinsky live in Chicago. You’ve seen them both on our stage. Now, they will share it at the AMERICAN PREMIERE of Shakespeare’s Legacy.

Q: Is this your first time sharing the stage? If not, which other productions have you both performed in?
Tim Kazurinsky:
The only other time we worked together was in Chicago Shakespeare Project’s production of A Woman Killed with Kindness.
Marcia Kazurinsky: But we spent a number of years putting shows together at our kids’ grade school.  Tim wrote very funny original musicals and I did the choreography.  They turned into quite legendary productions.

Q: What are you both most looking forward to?
T: Gales of laughter from the audience. But I’d settle for chuckles and an occasional guffaw.
M: I’m looking forward to getting more laughs in this production than Tim!  At least I’m going to try.

Q: What is your process for preparing for a performance?
T: I usually turn to Olivier or Gielgud for inspiration.  But for this role,  I’ve turned to Terry Thomas.
M: Well, for me it was reading the script many times and looking up words I didn’t understand, and then reciting the lines about a hundred times.  Then it was rehearsing with Bob Scogin who is a genius at pulling out every meaning, and giving you such a clear picture of your character.  Then I set up two music stands in our basement to simulate the stage experience at ShawChicago, where your focus is always straight out to the audience…that takes getting used to.  Then, of course, I had to decide what to wear…and tell Tim what to wear.

Q: Who are your favourite Shakespeare characters?
T: As you might imagine, I have a soft spot for the Fools:  Feste…Bottom…Titus Andronicus…
M: I honestly don’t have a “favorite” Shakespeare character.  I’m still meeting some of them for the first time.

Q: Which are your favourite Shakespeare plays?
T: A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Julius Caesar.
M: I think they would be Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet.

Q: What bit of advice would you give to young actors?
T: Do what you really love.  And find a day job with a boss who loves the arts.  (So he’ll let you do it when the time comes.)
M: I would say “If you love the theatre, and acting, just keep at it…go to plays, study acting, keep learning.  Even if life takes you on another path or you can’t make a living in theatre, you can make a life in theatre.”

Q: Anything you’d like to tell the audience?
T: Thank you for your continuing support of live theatre.  Seriously.  None of this could happen without you.
M: ENJOY THE SHOW!  And feel free to laugh!