We at ShawChicago are SUPER PUMPED to bring you an all star cast for Bernard Shaw’s fine feminist farce, Misalliance! Directed by Barbara Zahora, travel with us and this Chicago all-star cast to 1909 when a woman broke through the glass ceiling! Please welcome Michelle Shupe to the ShawFam!

Michelle Shupe

1.       What is your role in Misalliance?
Lina Szchepanovska

2.       What is your favorite thing about your character?
She is free. She is not a sheep. And she’s kind of a bad a**. Who doesn’t love a woman like that?

3.       What’s your favorite thing about acting?
Figuring out what motivates the character and discovering how they pursue their desires. Being able to slip inside a role and disappear.

4.       What are you most looking forward to in this production?
The collaboration. I love to work together to create magical theatrical experiences. And Shaw’s text. He was a brilliant playwright.

5.       If you could describe Misalliance in three words, what would they be?
‘Dare to live,’ or ‘Live your truth.’

6.       What’s your favorite food/s?
Tomatoes, graham crackers, cheese, homemade dill pickles. (Not all together at the same time, obviously)

7.       When you’re not acting, what are you doing?
Having fun fermenting foods. Gardening. Discussing creative projects and exploring new ideas. I love to read and write.

8.       Who’s your biggest inspiration?
Not who but what: Intelligence and emotional poetry inspires me. Courage and compassion inspires me. Music inspires me.

9.       What is your favourite play and why?
This changes a lot based on where I am in life. But King Lear has long been a favorite of mine because of the main character. He touches our humanity.

10.   Anything you want to say to the audience?
Shaw Chicago audiences are amazing! You elevate observation to a super power.

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