Hey ShawFam! We made it!


Thank you for donating, your hardcore support, attending our productions, or just liking a post on Facebook or Twitter! Here’s to another year of providing you with the best classical theater in Chicago!

What’s Next:

G. Bernard Shaw’s war play Heartbreak House is a dramedy filled with wit, romance and unforgettable characters. Captain Shotover and his daughters shock Ellie Dunn out of her romantic delusions and show her how to negotiate the maze of British family life.


The Belle Of Amherst, Starring Paddy Lynn!

June 12, 2017, join us for a special summer treat. William Luce‘s The Belle of Amherst is a one-woman play on the life of Emily Dickinson. Starring Paddy Lynn, this is our annual springtime fundraiser. Dessert will follow the performance! Stay tuned for more details!